The International Butler Training Institute

“Distinctly different”

The International Butler Training Institute

“Learning By Doing”

The International Butler Training Institute, “Distinctly Different”!

Welcome to the website of The International Butler Training Institute, the butler school that is distinctly different from any other butler schools . Where a world of elegance, style, eye for detail and commitment are central.

The butler school where great stories begin. We create a learning and development culture at a professional level, focused and tailored to each individual. We achieve this by working with professional trainers, trainer methods and modules from the professional field. The International Butler Training Institute is the butler school where the four core values are central:

Give Yourself a Boost

With a butler – hospitality – hotel training from The International Butler Training Institute.

Whether it concerns a complete all-inclusive butler training course, Hospitality, private butler training or hotel training.

You can look forward to an interesting life and not the standard way of An ordinary job somewhere else.

We would like to welcome you in the true art of nowadays service and management of smaller and larger households.

The butler profession is not a job it’s a live style !

Mindset | Personal Training – Coaching | Learning by doing | Development

If you want to become the best, come to the best!
Welcome to The International Butler Training Institute.

Don’t hesitate any longer, our training courses and available places are limited.

The International Butler Training Institute has an all-inclusive butler training course.

The next available Butler Training

May – July, 2024
September – October,2024

Maximum 10 places available!!

If you like to have a brochure about our training program2024, please send a mail to:

Respect for others.

As The International Butler Training Institute, it is an honor to be part of the world of the butler profession. I am proud that there are so many different providers for butler training that prospective students can choose from. From long-term to short (additional) training to even online training, all with their own identity. I am proud of where we stand and who we are and of the training we provide based on our own philosophy, “learning by doing” in a distinctly different way. As Tiba’s former trainer, head butler and personal butler, For several years I was able to experience what it is like to deal with international butler students, which I am still grateful and proud of to this day. With still great respect for this institute and the way they train, I took a different path and started my own extra ordinary butler school, The International Butler Training Institute, where students take a unique and unforgettable educational butler journey. I consider it an honor and am proud that others use our name and texts in various variants, The International Butler (service) Training Institute, The International Cruise Training Institute, etc. It shows that others value and respect our name and lyrics and gives us the challenge to always come up with something new, which keeps us sharp and focused. To this day, I am proud of my career as a professional butler and the honor of having served various households. Every day I relive my passion for this beautiful profession, it is still an honor. You will experience my passion for the butler profession during the training and I am happy to share all the information I have.

The choice you make as a future butler student is your choice,

As I have mentioned before, every butler school has its own identity, even though they often resemble each other in terms of website, curriculum, texts and parts of the training, which is what it is like when you train one specific subject, such as the butler profession. What matters most is the person or persons who provide the training, which one suits you, you know better than us. We as The International Butler Training Institute embrace and welcome every new Butler, wherever you may have received your training, it is important to us that this profession is kept alive and passed on to the next generation. Of course I would love it if you, as a future student, would start your educational butler journey at The International Butler Training Institute, but whatever choice you make, it remains your choice and we will always respect that.

What Makes a Succesful Butler?

Hard work
Love for what you do
Technical Skills

In our butler training course we explain how these qualities interact.

We believe that you are successful when you own all of the things that money cannot buy.

Cornelis Greveling

In addition to the “learning by doing” learning method that we use at our butler academy, we also use the success formula we developed for butlers. Who are our cliënts: ABNA Bank, Netflix, ROC Amsterdam, Mondani Restaurant, Select catering, The Ritz-carlton, Wedgwood, Lenferinkgroep Zwolle, Landgoed hotel Woodbrooke, Protestantse Gemeente Lochem, stichting en vermogensfonds Elisabeth Strouven Maastricht, Rechtspraak Arnhem en Zutphen, Chateau Wittem, Catering Oud loosdrecht, Airt fair Naarden, Masters of LXRY , Winter fair Huize Doorn, Kerst fair paleis Soestdijk, Finovion Lochem, Okada Hotel Manila, Cathay Pacific, Guestfriend, Volvo Cars Nederland, De Salentein Nijkerk, Miele Nederland, and various VIP private families and Royal houses whose names we cannot mention