Meet the trainers

The International Butler Training Institute is proud to have assembled a team of trainers who have been carefully selected based on their impressive track record. 

With years of experience in esteemed households and companies, our trainers possess the DNA for the butler profession, which is reflected in their passionate way of teaching our students. The combination of knowledge and enthusiasm work perfectly together to provide an adventurous “Distinctly Different” educational experience for students of the International Butler Training Institute. 

Our trainers teach our students the values of service, professionalism and respect. Our trainers know better than anyone the crucial role a butler plays in the lives of their employers. The International Butler Training Institute is proud of its trainers and their commitment to perfection and excellence. It is their dedication and professionalism that helps us to be one step ahead of others, making us the leading Butler training institute in the field of private butler services, hospitality and hotel butler training. 

Mr. Cornelis Greveling – Founder | CEO

Mr. Greveling is a highly experienced butler, gentleman’s Gentleman, and valet with more than 30 years of experience in the private service profession. He knows his business like no other. At The International Butler Training Institute, Mr. Greveling is responsible for teaching Butling, True art of service, Table setting in its many varied facets. Because of his tremendous experience, Mr. Greveling uses real-life settings in his hands-on training, something the student’s value tremendously.

Mr. Christian van Vorst – COO | Senior Trainer Event management and Internet expert

Mr. Christian van Vorst has a bachelor’s degree in event management and is also a specialist in everything related to internet and internet marketing as the founder of Mr. Christian van Vorst trains on event, house management and internet

Mrs. Drs. Gonnie Klein Rouweler – Senior Trainer Etiquette and Protocol.

Mrs. Gonnie Klein Rouweler, MSc (Education), is more than 30 years owner/director of Image Consultancy/Etiquette school. More than 30 years expert in (business) etiquette and in The Fine Art of Presenting Yourself. Her clients include (Int.) five-star hotels and resorts, luxury yachts, private families, nanny’s, private banking, government and major stock market listed companies.  Countless interviews on TV, radio and magazines about hospitality, etiquette and personal image. Mrs. Gonnie Klein Rouweler is excited to share her tremendous experiences to challenge the students in achieving the right attitude in the highest standard of personal service.

Mrs. Maria van Gessel – Senior Trainer Butler Ethics and Moral dilemmas

Ms. Maria van Gessel, certified first-degree teacher and also trained within the International School of Philosophy in the field of ethics and moral judgment. Moral dilemmas can have a major impact on butlers and hospitality employees. We know that butlers, hospitality employees and managers struggle with these types of situations and sometimes even leave the profession as a result. During the training, under the guidance of Ms. Maria van Gessel, we spend time to learn how to discuss this with each other and learn from these types of difficult moral situations. Click here

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Mr. Theo van Ballegooy – Senior Trainer Art and culture

The art and culture lessons are taught by Theo van Ballegooy. In addition to his training as a performing musician, he studied business administration at Nijerode University and was director of several art institutions. In the Netherlands he was head of culture for the province of Limburg and shaped the cultural policy of the Elisabeth Strouven Fund. His extensive international experience in the field of art and culture is of great added value to the internationally oriented butler training. His years of experience in training student butlers in the field of art and culture also contribute greatly to a unique training for the students. Сlick here

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Mr. and Mrs. Berrie and Yvonne Swarthoff – Senior Trainer Hospitality and Cooking

Berrie is a chef, culinary trainer, and business owner. He loves to share his experience and passion for the culinary industry. He imparts basic but essential knowledge of modern foods. Berrie provides active masterclasses in the professional kitchen of restaurant Modani as well as some theory lessons in the classroom. Yvonne is for more than 35 years a hospitality expert, she knows as no other what hospitality service means, it’s in her blood and she likes to tell our students everything about it Yvonne and Berry Swarthoff have been promoting Canada for decades. Their restaurant Modani, is a piece of Canada in the Low Countries and official clubhouse of the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Branch 005. The couple was awarded the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers. Recognition for everything they did and do.