Private Butler Training

The International Butler Training Institute has a reputation, both amongst our students, our clients and our staff, which is second to none.

The International Butler Training Institute offers a training program to enhance and expand technical skills for butlers and valets in both private and public service. All training programmes are taillord to meet the needs of domestic staff. Sessions can take place on site at your residence or at our location in The Netherlands. Our trainers have comprehensive knowledge of five star butler service and have been or are still working in the profession for a considerable number of years.

Personal service ( butler service) with more confidence?
Sign up now for a Private all-inclusive butler training (one – three weeks) at The International Butler Training Institute.

Do you want to boost your skills and perform the butler profession with more confidence or are you already an experienced butler and do you want to take the next step in your personal development?

Then sign up for our butler training course. The student receives detailed training on the specific butler skills required, appropriate to the butler profession.
The students start with an explanation of the basic skills of the butler profession.
After that, the specific components will be trained and assessed.

  • Norm and presentation behavior
  • Etiquette and protocol
  • Coaching and leadership
  • Table setting | table service
  • Butler skills
  • Time and action plan
  • Household management

Your inspirational training will contribute significantly to specialization in the above mentioned areas, but are not limited to, and to the continuation of the candidate’s professional development.

The approprate lenght of time will depend on the number of hours required to teach the desired knowledge and skills and the availability of the trainees to attend the number and leght of the sessions

All our trainings are custom made to the needs and requirements of our candidate and or principal.

Do you want to work on your own development or do you have specific learning goals you want to train on? Then sign up for a private training.

Private Butler Training,

More information about our training options, please contact us on:

One – Three weeks all-inclusive Private Butler Training (on request)
From: € 2950,- euro per week.

We are able to give this training at our location or on site at your resedence.

What is included?

Mindset | coaching | Personal development | ‘Learning by Doing.
Butler book, handouts, Private training from Mr. Greveling
Individual learning curve is central, focus on your own development and specific goals.
Using professional training methods.