The 5 certainties of The International Butler Training Institute

Excellent Education

Small-scale education with a focus on the butler industry. Our teachers from the business world make your training concrete. Everything is included in the tuition fee, your stay, your accomodation, all meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee and tea during class hours, all your training materials, fieldtrips (iff scheduled) and even a complete Butler uniform including shoes.

Personal coaching

Personal, small-scale education at your level. The teachers and mentors of our butler school coach you during your studies. Partly because of this, the dropout is very limited.

Unique growth opportunities

Growing from ‘Junior Butler’ to Head Butler The International Butler Training Institute has short unique trajectories that quickly take you to a higher level!

Job security

Many of the students of our butler training already have a job at the graduation ceremony or shortly after the training. The International Butler Training Institute has its own career advisor and works together with various recruitment agencies. We also have our own recruitment and selection agency.

Network development

Your fellow students form your network for later. And not only that, through company visits and your personal graduation project you build your professional network.