_________VILLA DE VIJVERHOF_________




Lochem, a cozy town in one of the most beautiful regions of the Netherlands, you will find the training location of The International Butler Training Institute, Villa de Vijverhof.

Located in a quiet park with a picturesque pond, this historic villa from 1911 is the ideal home base to fully enjoy your training program and the natural beauty of the area.






Villa De Vijverhof is there for you, to complete your practical and theoretical lessons. At Villa De Vijverhof we have a real life setting, with a real family and different kinds of rooms all with their own setting this enables us to train you the modern butler profession as well the classic, formal English Butler style.

Villa De Vijverhof, is located in Lochem, the Netherlands. At the training location we have everything you need for your training, it’s there for you, to give you the education and experience you need.

If you like to visit our training location, only by appointment, to get a better idea of who we are and what we do, please make an appointment at info@butlertraininginstitute.com





At Villa De Vijverhof.

Our comfortable student rooms are equipped with a toilet, shower or bath, telephone, minibar and television. You start the day with a breakfast in the intimate diner room overlooking the pond.
The garden located by the pond with cozy seating areas in the sun or shade is an excellent place to relax and unwind after the training days. But our pleasant student living room with reading table, mini library and wide-screen TV also guarantee a pleasant stay during your training.

Student Bedroom


        Student Private Bathroom


Student Living - Breakfast room

_________IMPRESION Vila DE VIJVERHOF________

The Practical and Theoretical Training location








The Villa

The Kitchen


The Central hall.



Lochem is a town with a great history. It received its city rights as early as 1233. In the following years Lochem was occupied and besieged several times. To protect itself against this, the city is surrounded by a wall and two moats.

Much of Lochem's history is still clearly visible in "the town on the Berkel": old buildings, the church, the town hall and even part of the town walls. The bumpy boulders on the market square are also reminders of earlier times, when the citizens still dragged in field boulders to strengthen the city walls.

After a free day, enjoying the fresh nature and centuries-old castles in the area, it is wonderful to relax in Villa De Vijverhof. Villa De Vijverhof is also a perfect starting point for cycling and walking tours, day trips and trips to, for example, the well-known Hanseatic cities of Zutphen and Deventer.

Lochem and its surroundings also have a lot to offer for other activities, such as horseback riding, golf and covered wagon rides. The personal and homely atmosphere in De Vijverhof, combined with the beautiful location, gives you unprecedented freedom to make your stay a highlight!


Marinus Naefflaan 11 7241 GC Lochem