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The Country Estate Berg & Dal

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The training location of The International Butler Training institute is a real Country Estate.
At this private Country Estate of Sir. William G. Bradley we have the opportunity to teach you all facets of a butler household, with real guests and formal dinners.

On September 1, 2020, Mr. Greveling signed the contract of Hotel-B&B De Vijverhof, which would become the permanent training location of The International Butler Training Institute. Unfortunately, the Corona crisis of 2021-2022 has thrown a spanner in the works and we had to say goodbye to this beautiful location with pain in our heart. Partly because of this decision, we have returned to our goals and what is really important, a good and solid education that is accessible to everyone, that can be given anywhere in the world and is not dependent on a location.

The location, The International Butler Training Institute currently uses for its training is the Country Estate Berg & Dal in the beautyfull city of Baarn.

This Country Estate is ideal for our small-scale training, maximum 10 students, to be able to work and learn the butler profession in detail, in a real setting, with formal dinners – lunches, afternoon – high tea, here and there a challenge and much more, under the guidance of and with the watchful eye of Cornelis.

The Country Estate is there for you, to complete your practical and theoretical lessons. The training location enables us to train you the classic, formal English butler profession as well the modern style. At Berg & Dal we have everything you need for your training, it’s there for you, to give you the education and experience you need.

Anyone who enters Berg & Dal immediately feels at home:

The country house exudes security and grandeur. Surrounded by a park and surrounded by old trees, you will feel warmly welcomed in an atmosphere of stained glass, marble, parquet and nineteenth-century stucco ceilings.

The dinner room, which is regularly used for weddings, the former ‘Men’s salon’ and the beautiful marble hall, is just a small example of what the Berg en Dal estate has to offer. In good weather there is the terrace and the stylishly landscaped park garden surrounding the pond. Where you, as a student, can withdraw for a moment and come to yourself.

The history of Country Estate Berg en Dal:

Berg en Dal is a country estate at Jacob van Lenneplaan 12 in Baarn in the province of Utrecht. The house is located in the Wilhelmina Park, which is part of the nationally protected villages cape of Prins Hendrik Park and surrounding areas.

The impressive villa is surrounded by a landscaped park with lawns, groups of trees and a meandering pond. The house, which stands at the highest point of the sloping terrain, takes its name from this terrain condition.

On the site of Berg en Dal there was an older mansion from 1841 that also bore the name Berg en Dal. The builder of the Baarn villa from 1890 is the Baarn contractor W. van Doornik, designed by the Amsterdam architects J.P.F van Rossem and W.J.Vuyk. They also designed the Amsterdam Royal Theater Carré.

The Dutch Neo-Renaissance style is evident from details such as cartouches and stepped gables with claw pieces, but also from the bandwork. The corner tower on the left side of the front facade is striking. This tower is three stories high and has an openwork lantern under an onion-shaped crown.

The layout of the rooms and halls is still largely original, including the beautiful nineteenth-century stucco ceilings and some of the fireplaces. The former driveway ran from the Amsterdamsestraatweg. The former coach house is directly opposite the villa.

About Baarn:
Baarn, a cozy town in one of the most beautiful regions of the Netherlands, here you find The International Butler Training Institute, were you will fully enjoy your butler training program.

Baarn is a town in the Dutch province of Utrecht, located on the river Eem. From September 4, 1948 to April 30, 1980, the municipality was a royal residence as Queen Juliana lived at Soestdijk Palace, which is located on the territory of Baarn. The Dutch King Willem-Alexander has held the title of Lord of Soest, Baarn and Ter Eem since the change of throne.


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